Digital EduSystem

It is a software and hardware integrated system, which will automate almost all the activities in the organization. It has been developed to overcome the problems faced by traditional education system. It is user friendly as well as very low cost solution. Along with school management, this system also focuses on effective and interactive teaching through digitized 3d interactive multimedia slides even in Multilingual UNICODE standard. This experience leads to next-generation advanced technology of teaching and management. You can never ever think of such an integrated application with all useful features required for a school, college, university or any training institute. The patent of this concept is pending.

Digital education will provide effective knowledge and values which can bring drastic change in the whole world by producing useful and productive citizens. We are providing such an incredible and dynamic feature based system for educational institutions which will reduce the educational budget of the parents and institutions. Even we can challenge that it will produce GENIOUS students. Let’s sponsor or suggest this low cost solution for all institutes to bring about a sea change in the whole world of education. 


Who Are We?

With highly innovative technological integrated tools, an organization can get the following advantages from our product.

  • Less paper work and time saving
  • Commercial benefits to Organization
  • Operated with less human resource and less effort
  • Automatic attendance of staff and students
  • Automatic timetable generation according to syllabus
  • Make and edit high quality audio visual lessons using readymade templates
  • Teach through interactive 3D world
  • Provide teaching progress information to complete the syllabus in time
  • Search and book an item online from school library
  • Online practice exam facility
  • Cyber wallet facility for students and parents
  • Individual assessment of students
  • No need of private tuition for students
  • Improve competitive mind of students
  • Create brilliant students
  • Maintain health card information
  • Role based rights to access their modules
  • Centralized data storage for auto backup and restoration
  • Web based support and SMS facilities
  • Easy to deploy and operate

Product Users

What we do?

This system will make all the tasks in the organization easily manageable through our automation tools. As it saves time for the staff of the organisation, they can utilise their time in teaching and other productive activities. Even the organisation can save money using our system and manage everything in the best manner with less human resource. The following organizations will be greatly benefitted from our product.

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • IITs and Engineering Colleges
  • Medical colleges
  • Management Institutes
  • Vocational Institutions
  • Private training Institutes
  • Distance Education Institutes
  • Non-formal education (Institutions of Literacy Programs)
  • Other organizations which provide training to their employees


What Is This?

Digital EduSystem™ is an integrated system which can eliminate the limitations of time management, resource management and teaching management. It has various desktop, web as well as mobile applications. It works on intranet as well as Internet. All the members of the organization viz. students, teachers, staff and parents are allotted unique usernames and passwords with which they can access various applications.

Digital EduSystem has three versions - Lite, Professional and Enterprise. Keeping in view the different types of educational institutions, it has been classified in this way . The schools having less students strength, less infrastructue facilities or less financial funds can afford to the Professional version whereas the bigger institutions with large student strength and scarcity of resource persons, but having lots of infrastructure facilities and fund can offer for the Enterprise version.

  • Digital EduSystem Lite

  • Digital EduSystem Professional

  • Digital EduSystem Enterprise

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Now I have found the ultimate tool which improves all three main components of learning namely contents, learning methodologies and teaching methodologies. I feel it is must for every educational institution.

- John Methew, Teacher